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MadMacWolf Media provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Corporate videos for advertising, websites and promotion

  • Wedding Aerial Support

  • Building & Structural Inspection for maintenance purposes

  • Residential Photography for Estate Agents

  • Commercial Property aerial photography

  • Environmental Surveying

  • Mapping - 2D & 3D

  • Sporting Events & Shows

  • Tourism

MadMacWolf Media, Aerial Photography
MadMacWolf Media provide various aerial services
corporate videos


A corporate video is an essential part of any online or digital marketing strategy. Our in house editing and production team will take the footage from both land based and aerial cameras and create a short film showcasing your companies products or services at a highly competitive price.

Building & Structural Inspection


MadMacWolf Media will carry out recorded or realtime high-level aerial building, tower, chimney, roof surveys and inspections using camera equipped UAVs.

tourism & activities

Give your hotel, B&B, excursion or even castle the fantastic exposure it deserves. Dramatic aerial footage or photographs can give a whole new, exciting and awe-inspiring outlook to your important attraction or accommodation, add the ‘wow’ factor to it. Imagine seeing your property open up to reveal the beautiful scenery around it or a dramatic video of your boat racing through the waves on its way to catch the beauty of marine wildlife. 

Residential Properties


Aerial Photography creates dramatic photographs or video showcasing a properties scale including it’s buildings, land, gardens and surrounding area. These types of photographs are not possible from the ground. MadMacWolf Media will provide you or your estate agent with aerial photographs or video.

Commercial Properties


When selling or leasing a commercial property, what better way to showcase office buildings, retail parks, estates, farms land and castles, other than with photographs taken with an aerial perspective. MadMacWolf Media will provide selling agents footage or photographs at a cost effective price.

environmental surveying

Using aerial photography to survey sensitive areas for conservation purposes is a low impact way to gain a unique perspective on the area of concern. Using mapping control software MadMacWolf Media can photography the same area at set intervals giving a unique picture of a area over time. 

2D / 3D Mapping


Flying a set pattern, using mapping control software, the drone take high resolution pictures at various levels of overlap and then processed creates a 2D map over the subject. A 3D representation can be created in most cases giving perspective to the data collected.

Wedding Aerial Support


MadMacWolf Media will work with your Wedding Photographer to add an extra element to your wedding album.. Fully insured, Very careful and will work under instruction of your Wedding Photographer..

Sports Events & Shows


Imagine the grand start of your sports event shown with a stunning reveal. Footage provided by MadMacWolf Media will give your sporting event or show an affordable, dramatic look previously only available from an expensive helicopter.

Agricultural Monitoring


Using pre-programmed customised flight patterns tailored to individual agricultural areas, regular Photomosaic pictures are created. This enables growers to monitor crop growths throughout the season and ground conditions throughout the year.

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