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I work well as part of a film crew. Collaborating on various projects.. I enjoy the team work and diversity involved. Here are the latest films made in collaboration with Mike Webster from Spiral Out Pictures.. The 'Lord Farquhar' film was an amazing shoot witnessing and filming the first sending of Lord Farquhar by Maximilian Milne.. Down The Rabbit Hole, addressing some real life issues and the recovery..

Down The Rabbit Hole

Glen Affric Duathlon


All started a good while ago when I competed in the Glen Affric Duathlon, fell in love with the area.. I've been back for various reasons over the years, different events etc.. I spoke with Matt about volunteering at the Duathlon and by the end of the conversation it turned into filming it.. I was delighted and the short film was the result, hope you enjoy..



Karen Darke contacted us to see if we could document a special group of people committed to challenging themselves in various ways. MadMacWolf Media along with Mike Webster. We have travelled the country following and filming the 'Quest79'ers' in their endeavours. This has entailed using various equipment including ground based cameras and aerial equipment such as the Inspire 2. This is a work in progress, we will be filming and editing as we go along..



Property agents have realised the marketing potential of Aerial Photography and Film. Giving buyers a completely unique visual aspect of their property, from large tracks of ground to beautiful houses. Working with construction companies to enable them to showcase new developments. Construction Monitoring allows construction companies to monitor the progress of specific projects through a photomosaic picture, this can be achieved over large areas of development.


High pressure one time events require precision flying with good timing.. We are able to deliver this with both experience and backup equipment..



The Naked Escape. A really fun shoot with Thomas Hogben. Filming on the north west coast of Scotland in a remote location. This was a project lead by Made Brave. Weather was, well, Scottish, right up till the last rays of light and then it was perfect for flying.

bowmore whiskey


What an adventure.. Working over on Islay with a great production crew.

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